As a future teacher, I’m always looking for ways to better serve my students–that includes recording and re-evaluating my teaching resources! Here you’ll find a sample of some resources I’ve designed throughout my years training to be a teacher. I’ve attached lesson and unit plans, projects like children’s books I’ve worked to produce, and even some journals recording my experiences as a practicum teacher! My personal teaching philosophy–always evolving!–is also included here, as it’s a guiding force behind all of this work.

To start off, this is the very first teaching statement I wrote upon finishing my first semester in the College of Education at UMW. Teaching statements are a constant work in progress, and I’m currently in the process of updating my own, but the core values in this one remain the same: student-centered teaching in a positive, collaborative environment. First Teaching Statement

One of the largest teaching projects I’ve completed to date is a full-length unit plan for a 5th grade SOL on plate tectonics. Within this unit, I’ve got a central PowerPoint linking lessons, materials, rationales, references, and assessments together, following a 2-week block plan based on county pacing guides. This was a great exercise in long-term planning for me, and I also loved getting the experience planning for science! I usually focus on literacy lessons (hi there, English major!), but one of my favorite parts about teaching at the elementary level is getting to work with all subject areas. Instead of uploading the entire unit plan, here are the overall PowerPoint and the design brief challenge I created for end-of-unit assessment. Science Unit and Design Brief

Another substantial project in my teaching portfolio is a semester-long literacy case study I completed in Spring of 2019. To create this literacy profile, I worked with one student in my practicum class throughout the semester to assess her reading, writing, and spelling skills. In doing so, I evaluated her strengths and weaknesses based on various formal assessments, and compiled that information to propose instructional plans for her further development. This case study includes scholarly references, appendices of the students’ assessments and sample work, and my personal evaluation of the student’s abilities. Literacy Profile

The last file I’d like to add for now is a journal of my experiences in a practicum placement this past fall semester. Practicum is probably my favorite part of our education program at Mary Wash; with almost all of our Ed. classes, we get placed in a local classroom where we observe and participate in all kinds of classroom activities throughout the semester. It allows us to pick up on new ideas and skills from our mentor teachers, and also lets us practice actually teaching ourselves! Each course has its own requirements for its assigned practicum, and every classroom placement is different to a degree, so we’re also getting a ton of varied experiences, ultimately preparing us for whatever our future career may require of us. This journal is a reflective record of some things I saw and did in my 4th grade placement this fall, with references to and commentary on what this classroom held for me. Practicum Journal

Coming soon: children’s book, some extra lessons, and more!