Captivating Spaces was one of the most enriching and enjoyable courses I’ve ever been able to participate in! Focusing on the importance of spaces in coming-of-age novels, this was a unique hybrid of literary analysis and creative writing, combined within a lively and productive discussion-based environment. Read on to see some of the work I created as a part of this course!

After reading The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe, our class wrote our own pieces based on themes we found in the novel. This short work of prose was inspired by the theme of betrayal within the text. This unrevised version was so fun to write; I really enjoyed the creative process of drawing something new out of such a classic text! Brown-Eyed Betrayal

Another very fun assignment that came out of this course was an academic analysis of place in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Although I could have written several more pages on this, I think having a shortened assignment was good practice in writing concise arguments, and I enjoyed grappling with my ideas to prioritize them. The entire Harry Potter series was a personal favorite of mine growing up, so it was extra special to engage with this book academically! Harry Potter and the Restricted Section

The final literature-inspired piece I completed for this course was a creative pair of recipe poems. Based around the central theme of cultural code-switching, they were inspired by our reading of The Hate U Give, an awe-inspiring novel I hadn’t previously read. I’m a sucker for non-traditional formats, so I loved experimenting with that here! Code-Switching Casserole and Self-Love Soup

As a change of pace from our literary writings, the Captivating Spaces class also completed an assignment about the captivating space we were all experiencing together: Bath. For this assignment, I chose to write a series of snapshot pieces about some of the most significant places I’d been over my time in Bath; this is the result. Even today, reading over this again transports me instantly back to England. As I finish looking over it, I have to wrench my mind away from rooms and pathways I may never see again, and bring myself back to the present, thousands of miles away. I definitely left a piece of my heart in Bath, and this work encapsulates that for me. Snapshots of Bath, England