Every part of England I visited was quirky and beautiful in its own way. These photos will in no way do these places justice, but I hope they give you a glimpse into the wonderful experience I had!

Looking across the River Avon to Pulteney Bridge on my very first evening in Bath.
Crossing the river to enter Widcombe, the village where I lived while in Bath.
One of many beautiful views from the cliffs of Dorset, on the southern coast of England.
Looking up at the ruins of Corfe Castle.
Approaching the impressive estate at Stourhead.
The grounds at Stourhead were just as breathtaking as the estate!
This creative bathtub book display is in Mr. B’s, my very favorite bookstore in all of England! (That’s saying a lot, considering the number of bookstores I visited there. . .)
I fell in love with poppy flowers while studying abroad; this field of them is one of many I came across in my travels!
Here I am in front of the Bodleian Library at Oxford! If you look closely, you can see from the bag in my hands that I had just visited Blackwell’s Bookshop–another favorite of mine.
The Royal Crescent: just as beautiful as everyone says it is.
This is a view of the bridge and estate at Prior Park, gorgeous gardens in Bath!
Bath’s skyline view is just as gorgeous as the rest of the city.
Stonehenge! Getting to experience this baffling, historical place was unforgettable.
On the same day we visited Stonehenge, the ASE group got to explore the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey as well.
The Bath Abbey itself was one of the most beautiful landmarks I got to see, and it’ll always be a reminder of my home away from home in Bath.