Week 2

May 18-22

This past week was very busy for me, but also exciting and full of learning experiences. I’ve started work on some major projects now, which has really helped me get into the swing of work here. Every day, I help manage social media accounts for the local 4-H group; this includes finding videos or activities for kids to do at home and making posts twice a day to share them. This week was themed puppetry, something I don’t personally have a ton of experience with. It was fun to try and find content about this though, and I even finished the week with a video of my own at-home shadow puppet show! 4-H virtual camp is also coming up very soon, and I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to prep for that. I’m helping to plan the daily crime science lessons, put together activity sheets for those and nature art lessons, and create slide shows for the evening “campfire” meetings. I’m learning a lot while I put together these lessons, about the content as well as just how much goes into these camps. Everyone on the camp team has been working very hard to give the campers a great experience this year despite all their plans being changed by the pandemic, and it’s inspiring to see how dedicated they are. I know next week might get hectic as we wrap up all the final pieces before camp, but I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

Beyond 4-H, I’ve gotten to see several other aspects of extension work as well! perhaps most exciting, I got to help out at a graded sheep and goat sale this week! Growing up, I never had the opportunity to raise any kind of livestock myself, so I had never been to a sale like this before. One of my favorite parts of this internship thus far has been the opportunities to get involved and hit the ground running, and I really got to do that here. Instead of just standing to the side and watching while everyone else ran the sale, I jumped right in to help fill out tickets as the animals came into the scale room. It was chaotic to say the very least; new consignments were being brought in right behind me as the current ones were weighed, and I had to speed-write details about the animals as they were shouted to me from across the room–all while dozens of sheep and goats were screaming in the background. I loved it. And that was just half a day in this week full of projects! I’m also continuing to help research information for a new meat processing expansion, a task that is again allowing me to learn so much about so many new fields. I’ve never been extraordinarily keen on business, accounting, anything too technical in those fields, but now I’m learning all there is to know about e-commerce and points of sale, software and hardware compatibility for sales, labeling requirements, and more. My natural curiosity is exploding, and it’s wonderful. On another technical endeavor, I also got to help film a how-to video with FCS agents as they made blueberry spice jam. That was a learning experience for all of us, trying to figure out the best way to film each shot, ensuring our equipment was working, and timing it all while actively cooking and canning. Again, it was chaotic and exciting all in one.

It’s been such a busy week and a half, I feel like I’ve been at this internship for much longer. I know there’s a lot more in store for me over the next two months, though, and I’m thrilled to get to it!

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